Privacy Policy

I am fully committed to ensuring that all personal data I hold about you is relevant for exercise and stored securely where no third party will able to access any information. The following report will tell you why I need certain personal information about you, what I do with that information, and how it is stored and protected.

What Personal Information do I need?
In order to plan a safe and effective workout for you, I need to know any relevant medical history as it may impact on what type of exercise you can do. This will be in the form of a ‘ParQ’ (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire). I also require an emergency phone number and contact in case of medical emergency during a session and I need to contact someone.
I ask for a contact phone number for yourself and an email address so that I can send you any information about exercises that are relevant for you, or to update you about any class changes or payment methods.

How is it stored?
Forms on line are secure and can only be accessed by me, I also hold paper copies which are stored securely and no unauthorised person is allowed to view them.  I bring them to classes with me so I have emergency details readily at hand.  Mobile phone numbers are stored on my phone in case I need to speak to you or contact you regarding our exercise session. With your consent I also use Whatsapp to send you pictures or diagrams of exercises. There is also a Whatsapp exercise class group which you may consent to be included in. Email addresses are stored on my email account address book so again I can send you any relevant information if needed.

Transferring Data
Any personal information regarding personal training clients remains in the personal training setting. When I am teaching a class, I carry the ParQ forms with me in case I need to access any emergency information. These forms are left locked in a car and are not able to be seen from outside.  I do not transfer any of your information to any third party and all data is kept strictly confidential.

Access of Data
You have the right to access any information I hold about you at any time.

Disposal of Data
If you no longer are a client then your phone number and email address will be deleted from my contact list on my phone and email account if requested. Simply send me an email confirming you would like me to do this. Your personal information stored on the ParQ can be destroyed by paper shredder or given to you, on request.