About Me: Sarah Hudgell

I qualified as a Personal Trainer with Premier Training in 2003 and worked in a busy commercial gym for several years.  It was after the birth of my first child that I moved away from this environment to set up a studio style gym at my home near Redbourn, Herts.  Away from the bustle of a busy gym this provides a relaxed, personal environment in which my clients (and myself!) can train.

I enjoy seeing clients body shapes change and strength develop, through the use of sculpting exercises using weights and other pieces of resistance training equipment.  The focus is always on performing an exercise correctly with good technique and programs are designed to balance out any tight or weak muscles over time.

Practising Pilates, for me, is the ultimate strength and conditioning training.  To master an exercise keeping control in a slow flowing movement, deeply centralises the mind and the body, producing optimum posture and stability when trained regularly.  I qualified as a Pilates instructor in 2014 with Future Fit training and never looked back.  My classes tend to take on a personal training approach so you will come away feeling that you have worked, but also rejuvenated and relaxed.  Exercises are developed each week to improve strength of movement as well as release stretches and adaptions where needed.  I also use small equipment to keep the classes fun and varied.

Outside of ‘work’ I am a horse mad mum of 2 girls, and enjoy competing my own horse as well as taking my oldest daughter out competing with her pony.  Mostly I am a ‘normal’ person –  I have a busy life with a toddler at home, a 9 year old who has many after school and weekend activities, pets and of course social engagements with friends and family.   I therefore have to make the time for my exercise sessions and plan meals to accommodate the whole family.  I’m married to a farmer who can work long hours too, so understand how difficult it can be to balance life with family/work pressures and have time for yourself.  This is something I am fully aware of when training clients and we work on ways you can adapt your lifestyle to fit time in for you, normally by high intensity interval training and looking at quick lean meal plans.  If you are happy about how you feel in your body, and feel strong when going about your day to day life, it no doubt leads to a healthier, happier mind.

Live the life you deserve!