Personal training

My personal training approach

Having a personal trainer is no longer seen as a luxury for the rich and famous, but instead a sensible way of ensuring you are doing the correct exercise in order to achieve your goals, with motivational, planned workout sessions.  I am not a trainer that intends to ‘beast you’ for an hour until you are crawling out of the gym with little or no thought as to what is happening the rest of the time.  I assess you, listening to your previous history of any injuries, likes/dislikes, what your goals are, how your body moves and what areas we could improve, and then plan each session with these targets in mind.  You will work hard but with targeted exercises specifically for your needs.

I specialise in fat loss and body toning,  and have a particular interest in helping people recovering from injury or needing help to improve their movement function.  I qualified as a Personal Trainer in 2003 with Premier Training and since then have regularly progressed my knowledge with CPD courses.  I hold an emergency first aid certificate and am fully insured.

I incorporate a mix of cardio, resistance and Pilates exercises depending on my clients aims, mixed with a variety of equipment to keep the sessions interesting and fun.  This includes stability balls, the suspension trainer,  foam rollers, bosu, boxing gloves, viprs, kettlebells and much more.  My favourite way of exercising for fat loss and/or fitness is through High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or circuit training as it gives maximum benefits in minimum amount of time!

I am based in a private gym near Redbourn with use of the garden when weather permits and sessions are on a 1:1 or 1:2 basis.

I currently offer training sessions during school hours Monday to Thursday.

If you would like to find out more please contact me to discuss your requirements.


I started training with Sarah when I was at my largest following the births of my three kids some years before.  I had got into unhealthy eating habits and did little exercise.  Sarah was brilliantly motivating and made sure that I followed an exercise programme that was both achievable and challenging and helped me develop healthier eating patterns (not eating the kids leftovers and then eating another dinner!) and helped me look at eating the right foods and normal portion sizes.  Sarah encouraged me in making time to exercise during the week, something I had previously always thought always too busy to fit in!  I found out that I loved exercise, found healthy eating gave me more energy and it was all done with plenty of laughs and giggles along the way.  My body changed shape, I lost 3 stone and was full of energy, I cannot recommend Sarah enough’

Nina Smith, St Albans

‘I first started with training with Sarah as an exercise phobe with the objectives of losing a bit of weight and generally becoming fitter as I approached my 50th birthday.  I have learnt so much from Sarah regarding the importance of good quality exercise and why the body needs different types of exercise and that exercising doesn’t just mean going hell for leather.  However, Sarah’s real strength as a trainer is in treating everyone as an individual.  She invests time in understanding your motivation, fitness goals and barriers to exercise whether perceived or real.  She is definitely not a ‘one programme fits all’ type of trainer.

– Janice Seymour, St Albans

‘Sarah looks at the whole picture of your health, nutrition, exercise routine and general health issues.  She taught me to include exercise and dietary changes as part of my daily/weekly routine.  She is also mindful of the other obligations we have to fit in to our busy days.  I feel much stronger and healthier than I have ever done from doing personal training sessions with Sarah, and have really benefited from the personal touch that you won’t get from going to a general exercise class.  I have pushed myself far more than I ever expected and even ended up doing a couple of triathlons and open water swimming events.  Overall I have achieved much more than I ever expected to do with my fitness and made changes to my health that will last me a life time’

– Juliet McGrory, St Albans

I’ve been training with Sarah for several years now.  I share the hour long session with a friend.  Over the course of that time I have greatly improved my levels of fitness and feel much better for it.  Sarah has always responded to my aims and expectations by setting up a programme of exercises which meets my individual needs.  Ours sessions include a wide variety of different exercises working on aerobic fitness, strength and muscle tone as well as flexibility.  Our sessions are never boring as Sarah uses so many different exercises with the equipment she has.  She pushes me hard every time and that’s what gets results.  The revelation for me is that training can be great fun too!

-Sally Hinds, St Albans

‘I started training with Sarah after a serious illness had left me paralysed and with severe muscle wastage.  Sarah was able to put together a programme that not only helped me to strengthen and build my body back up, but ultimately also gave me my life back.  Sarah was a great support to me during a difficult time and with her help and our combined determination, I was able to run 5k and raise money for charity only 3 months after coming off the ventilator.  Since then Sarah has helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses and knows exactly when to push me and when I’ve had enough!’

– Verity Piner, Harpenden